We have 146 ideas in the bank.

Path finder for Dhivehi Maps

An algorithm to find sea routes using Dhivehi Maps.
We would like to provide sample map data, if anyone is interested.
Anonymous – admin@dhivehi.mv

New word suggestions to basfoi

Allow people to report new words to Dhivehi bas. Sometimes we know that there are no Dhivehi word to specific actions or words. Example. Technology. We can suggest to create a new Dhivehi word or suggest possible words.

Kuhbas report

Develop an application where we can report Kuhbas in Basfoi. Also allow to record how many times a word has been reported. Drivehi Bahuge academy can always release new versions of Basfoi with corrections.

IMAGE - PDF to World Converter (dhivehi)

It can be really great if we can develop a software that can read Thaana letters from Images or PDF documents and convert them accordingly to Ms. Word/ Excel. Thaana grammar and auto correction plugin would also be very benefit-able.

Dhivehi book catalogue

Information on dhivehi authors (with a curated wiki style bio), their published works (books, online articles, periodicles etc) with write-ups if any, and download links if they are public domain.

The whole thing could be a wiki, I guess. And OPDS feed of uploaded material would be a bonus.

Lost & Found

When i was in male’ i got my bike stolen never found it. I want to know what happens to stuff we report to police which are stolen, Motorbikes, Mobile phone specifically… want to know the status at least. now don’t know what happens to it. police should think about making that stuff online like other countries.

Taxi Driver Report

i want a way to easily report bad taxi drivers who abuse the customers (specially women). so many times this has happened but drivers get away with it. also to report drivers who charge more to customers and foreigners etc.

Legal Aid

A portal where people can ask for and receive counselling on legal matters, by registered and approved legal folk.

Digu App

We asked @kudanai to make us a digu app but he didn’t done it for us.
We crei many times. All llamas crei. Kudanai don’t have time for us he said so secretly, llama society is sad. Please make digu app. please

editors note: suggest adding bondi and thaas too 🙂

Budget app

Finance managing app that can show bml details. Information already available from bml app you just sign in from the budget app. It will calculate and tell you how much to keep in savings and use for bills. And you can adjust values.
Personal finance manager. Can have multiple accounts.


Developing a mobile app for the Information Commissioners Office (Android and IOS) which includes the following information.

o Searchable government Offices list (with contact details, summary and location via a map)
o Searchable Information Officers list with photos and general information
o Interactive feedback by Information Officers
o Ongoing training’s with remind me function
o Events / News
o Basic information about ICOM
o (Push notification of updates)
o Update alert on changes or modifications to the law
o Successful completed cases (these will be featured on related pages of the offices)
o A content management system to update content featured on the website

Website: www.icom.mv
For more info please contact by email.

Fish finding social app

To find fish masverin will need a social network to accurately pinpoint a masain. The routine is like this. after catching bait fish, masverin will drive boats aimlessly for sometime till they know where a masain is. (its lots of fuel wasted) what they will do when driving so is they will call friends by mobile, they will listen to chatter on cb radio and they will of course check with binoculars for birds and other dhonis. fishermen are very secretive and they will not give position of a good fishing field except for close friends or when their dhoni is full and ready to go.

So the idea is like this.
an app with google map that can work without mobile/wifi coverage where gps imput to show the location of dhoni. the fiserman just need to mark location of a masain (it can be oivaali also). the app shall be able to update the map of all other fishermen when the phone gets wifi or data connection. that way the path of a moving masain can be plotted over the course of days with enough fishermen using the app. Also there shall be option to calculate cost benefit of catching up to a masain from active dhonis position.


Quran Teacher

Help to find Quran Teacher, with their rates and reviews


Rating Restaurants and submit food critics

Gov Services

Application to send a request to any government organization. The organization can view and process the request.

Law & Legal document catalogue

A website of portal where all legislation is available for download with proper versioning, revision history. Include rulings by all the courts with categorical and in text searching.

Shwack Cinema App

Shwack cinema online booking application

Quran & Haa Shaviyani Thajuweedh Dhivehi App

How to teach to read and write to children according thajuweedh.

Futsel App

A system to Reserve Futsel Grounds.

Recipe App

An App in which you can search the recipe of foods. example – when you search “mashuni” the recipe for mashuni comes

Mobile Bill pay

To Pay all the e-bills of all places using the same app . like medianet / stelco / mwsc / ooredoo / dhiraagu / ROL

Token App

An Application which you can found all the tokens of all the government and private services.

Find My Home

An app to find the addresses of male with exact location like yellmv

Dathuru App

All the picnic islands with contacts and available dates ,distance and time from your location.

Roadha App

A app which notifies you all the Sunnah activities before hand . Example : Notifying you about a Sunnah roadha and its benefits day before the fasting day.

Xpat Major Occupation Finder

People can search the occupation and major occupation online without calling the helpdesk

Track Prayers

An app in which you can track your prayer performance

Name Application

Islamic Ministry verified names for children. Allow Islamic Ministry to verify the names once a name is submitted

Local Videos

Develop a platform to upload user generated educational videos and animations

Share a Dhoni

App allows government offices to see planned domestic official trips to islands and request to invite staff from organization going on same date and location.


An app on upcoming religious talks, lectures, workshops etc. With scheduling and alerts

Mother & Child App

All vaccines schedule for children. Allow mothers/ Health Agencies to record child vaccination dates with scheduling and alerts.

Salaam Application

To easily report sick leave and scheduling?

online community

since the events take place in male a lot of peoples cannot join.. will be a good idea to start an online community by kickstart and list all opensource maldives related projects so all the developers can contribute… i beleve a lot of things can be built for the the community and boost the speed….

Nearby Friends

Create a location based social networking app. Focus it to Coffee shops, parks and also home
How it works
– Sign up and login
– Turn on location of smart phone and see nearby people
– Include chat like all the other messenger apps

Coffee shop

Create an app for Cafe’s, restaurants. You should also develop a mobile app so that customers can connect to restaurants network.

Features should include.
– Request for waiter
– Order items, water, nuts etc
– Show food menu
– Ask for bill. (user should be able to view the bill all the time)

Hope someone will develop this 🙂


An application which links to the laws and regulations made in Maldives which is in a good user interface. This app should include features to contact with lawyers and ratings of local lawyers.

Road Blocks

Ann app where pedestrians, motorcycles and cars can identify road blocks.
They can tell whether people can proceed by working, on bicycle, motor cycle, car even though the block is there.
Reason being the boards are kept right at the edge and you have no choice but to circle back a long way before you can take any useful turns. this waste a lot of time.
The information can be automatically reset after mid night something like 2 am.

Book Hulhumale' - Male'/ Male'- Villignli ferry tickets online.

MTCC need alternative way for tickets. I mean how many papers are wasted by tickets system now used in ferry terminals?

Diet tips

Diet tips app that has its own community of people who wants to keep in touch with like minded people, share dieting tips and recipes for a healthy life style, Have targets, challenges etc

Fitness channeling

Local portal and app

– sign up and pay for gym memberships at any of the participating gyms
– see classes and register/ pay for classes like zumba etc
– get info and participate/book placement at bootcamps
– find workout partners
– interact with other fitness enthusiasts for motivation

QuickBooks online alternative

Designed for local businesses where they can manage point of sale, invetory, sales and accounting which can generate tax reports and other relevant documents

grab a taxi app

make an application that we could easily find a taxi…

Maldives sex offender registry

fix the sex offender registry with a proper API and proper search by location/name/address and search nearby.

blood donation

where is last year app?

mobile ibay

iBay with native mobile interface. The website layout is horrible.

I want to eat

how about an app which shows where certain food is available and cost/delivery and some reviews

for example, if im hungry and i want to eat a kotthu roshi, i want to search where kotthu roshi is available closest to me and reviews and cost..

would be yummy

sexual awareness

ann app to provide youths with information about safe sex and various diseases and also seek counselling from people regarding private matters anonymously

portable point of sale

a portable point of sale compliant with MIRA stuff that people who sell on ibay et al. can use to keep track of their sales and generate tax reports


a website or app that can give us information about the events that are happening around, where users can submit pictures and contribute, get news updates, alerts, calendar feeds and register for them to participate etc.

Dhivehi language related

dhivehi voice recognition, TTS (Text to Speech)
anyone?? o.O

Word lens (thaana/dhivehi)

word lens-type translation for thaana/dhivehi

Yell.mv revival

revive yell.mv, with updated data, review, comment, location, vendor login etc. these are just a few ideas. the website is outdated (last updated year seems to be 2012).

Pension Calculator

Check the retirement saving account balance and pension contribution history. Web service can be provided to interested developers.

Lost and Find

A social network where people can sign up and sign in and post photos and posts of lost things they find so the owner can locate the product lost easily.

Measure Maldives

It would be cool to have an App for iOS or Android, that can show us the distance between 2 Islands of Maldives

Even we have a Website, it is not HTML 5, Ajax, http://measuremaldives.com/

But it would be Better if it was on HTML 5 Web App.
Any idea?

Male' Bus Location Finder

Find the location of bus using GPS in the bus drivers mobile and show it on the app

Citizen's data base

In a tech world what we need is only our ID.
Develop a data base for maldivians…we are talking about 200K people here. Less than a big company’s workforce.
A system that would compile and update citizen’s profile.
make recruiters access ones work history , see background, see records. Any hospitals/ or certified docs see patients medical history and records.

Police Info

People can ask for any issues, problems, concerns, etc. that they want to clarify from Police and how it is done, with the proper procedure.


Easily search and read about Maldivian history and literature (poems, essays..etc) in thaana..Should include photos and quotes by famous people.


An original iPhone app of Quran Dhivehi translation (text and voice). It would be a bonus if you guys could include recitation of some famous Dhivehi Qaris. It should be user friendly with a clean and simple interface.

Huthubaa App

Live streaming huthubaa app with texts.

Custom T-Shirt / Clothing Design app

Maldives Originals is a unique, not for profit, art collective which supports local design, art, and culture across the Maldives by creating a platform for local designers to showcase and sell work through numerous hotels, gift shops and souvenir centers across the Maldives.

It would be great if someone make an application which will allow guests to our website to customize local Maldivian designs from our image bank into clothing which will be locally produced in the Maldives and be able to see what the finished item would look like before ordering. The process in the app should feel fun and creative!!!!.

About us: Maldives Originals ensures that all profits made from the sale of work is funneled back into the community. Local artists providing designs receive commissions for each sale of their individual design and the local artisans producing finished goods will be fairly compensated. The remaining profits are to be used to fund art initiatives and cultural projects throughout the Maldives.

So …… It would be great if we could find an application which will allow the user to select a piece of artwork from our existing design bank, then select a T-Shirt ( or bag, cap, sarong, hoodie, pair of shorts etc. ) from our list of available clothing items and select the size or other specific details such as colour.

Then the user should be able to apply their selected artwork to obtain a final image of their customized piece of unique clothing design, see what the design looks like on different colour of tshirts or in different sizes / positions on the tshirt and then save the image of their final selected design layout when placing their order.

Once the design selection is complete, the user will be able to process an order and make payment online.

If anyone wants to make an app that will help the local art scene in the Maldives please consider this idea.

For more information please contact us at info@maldivesoriginals.com

Duas for You (Dhivehi)

Make an app with common muslim duas for different occasions.
Even include duas for events like funeral, naming of a child, slaughtering animals. Most of us even don’t know the duas we should say after prayers.

Have dhivehi translation in this app, and explanations, thafsir.
you may find common duas over here:

you may also wish to adapt ideas from apps such as:

Q tec

1 common application to check the status of all service tokens of BML service counters

TOS (Terminal Operating System)

A Terminal Operating System, or TOS, is a key part of the supply chain and primarily aims to control the movement and storage of various types of Cargo in and around a Container terminal or Port. The systems also enables to make better use of assets, labor and equipment, plan workload, and get up to the minute information which allows for more timely and cost-effective decision making. It should basically include all activities from unloading cargo to the port and it exit the port. and reloading of cargo from entrance to the port. including all payment procedures.

Terminal Operating Systems often utilize other technologies such as internet, EDI processing, mobile computers, wireless LANs and Radio-frequency identification (RFID) to efficiently monitor the flow of products in, out and around the terminal. Data is either a batch synchronization with, or a real-time wireless transmission to a central database. The database can then provide useful reports about the status of goods, locations and machines in the terminal.

The objective of a terminal operating system is to provide a set of computerized procedures to manage cargo, machines and people within the facility to enable a seamless link to efficiently and effectively manage the facility.

Terminal operating systems can be stand alone systems, managed as a service or utilize cloud technologies.

In its simplest form, the TOS can data track cargo in and out of a terminal.


Faivaan ( app to buy and sell shoes )

There are over 20 shoe shops in majeedhee magu only. From the researches i have found out those shops have at least 2 shipments a month. Which means there is a huge demand.
But, It is hard to find the best shoes in the market. This app must feature
– Best available Brand of Shoes
– Available Sizes
– Size Charts
– Shops n availability
– New stock alerts

"Nukiyavaa" Get Skilled People and Find Jobs

Today we have lot of Young people looking for job and jobless and don’t know how to find a job. Or in someway discouraged or not motivated enough to get a job. This will also help those companies looking for interested candidate and sustain more staffs who really are interested in the type of job they offer.
Inspiration: This will be Something like ( NotgoingtoUni.co.uk )
Note: This app will need a Good Back-office team to work on it if developed with the below features.
– List Corporate Jobs available in the market and request for Work Trial
– List Job Approved Applicants and there skills and Levels.
– Inspiration Page ( Videos and Messages and Blog Post stating why School leavers are important )
– Online Support ( Advice ) Centre
– List Training Programmes available ( eg: How to attend a Job interview, Vocational Training etc )
Need to learn more about this , please do not hesitate to ask me..

Blood Donations MV

Current methods are not exactly working and very ineffective. Its either through twitter / friends / friends friends and there is supposed to be a website and database that is supposed to help find blood donators but still its not enough.

Build an app (android and iphone and a simple website linking it), be able for those who want to donate their group of blood to easily register / have a “status” which can be updated if they are available for Blood Donation (since if they donate they have to wait 3 months till next donation) and for those searching for certain blood groups to be able to contact these people easily through this app.

Ask Sheikhs

Being a Muslim nation, this can be of great help to ask the questions on religious matters to the Sheikhs.

The app can have the following features.

1. Select the Sheikh which the questioner wants to ask the matter to.
2. Should be able to get access to the history of questions asked before.
3. History should be divided into main areas like Aqeedah, Fiqh, Muaamalaat etc.
4. Notify the questioner via SMS when he gets the answer.

Plus, any other necessary features.

Training Manager Data Software

It would be great to develop a software which can manage the Training Date Base for the Resort environment. Basically a database which can monitor and track all the training needs of a resort environment which can also cover below features:

Track training records and status company-wide, or drill into individual training status.
Assign required training by individual, job function, or group.
Require retraining based on calendar time, course version, or one time only.
Schedule and manage class sessions and student enrollments.
Record attendance, training completion, and cancellations.
Record training credits, training hours, and assessment scores.
Print status reports to demonstrate training compliance.
Print employee transcripts.
Print employee training plans.
Track training costs by Group, Individual, Course, Category, or Supervisor.
Save file attachments associated with the records.
Import master course and personnel data.
Export data and reports to various formats.
Audit trail report which tracks data changes.
Send class session reminders by email using your default email client such as MS Outlook

Road Safety

An app – mobile and or web portal based – to educate children on road stafety and help them learn the best practice when using the roads.

Sell stuffs online

I think its high time we need an app that will allow us to sell things online. (is there any now, may be i am not aware)

I am referring to the apps thats similar to quikr etc (what we see from indian channels)

Customs duty percentages

How about an app that will show the customs import duty percentages. the items can be categorised.

My mvTaxi

Same like MyTeksi used in Malaysia and Singapore. This is a location based smartphone app that can be used by customers and drivers for taxi booking and dispatch.
how it works:
– customer send a request for taxi
– all taxi drivers with the app get notified
– one taxi driver picks the request
– customer get notified the taxi driver name and taxi number
– customer see the taxi real time on the map and the destination until reach destination (helps managing waiting time for taxi and where exactly the taxi is)

– App shows all the surrounding taxi’s realtime on the map
– Customer time waiting for taxi is reduced ( no need to call taxi call center every 2 mins to check where is the taxi)
– Taxi drivers get available taxi bookings without waiting for taxi call centre
– Customer can book taxi for a particular time
– Call centre work is reduced by 90%
– Customer safety since the app shows driver information and taxi information
– Customer safety since the map shows exact location of the car
– Easier to manage for taxi centres since the database will show history of all the bookings and trips made.

Badhige - The Cooking App

This is an idea for an app which provides recipes, cooking and health tips. The app can provide the users with a wide range of recipes, and also Cooking and health tips.

The app can also provide options to bookmark the user/s favorite dishes or keep reminders of health and cooking tips, and also can get a filter of reicpes for diabetic patients or people with specific food disorders too.. It would be even better if the users can share their own recipes with others too… The app should have an interactive and user friendly interface.. It be nice if the app was in dhivehi.. 😉

Attestation software

As we currently have to spend a lot to attest our certificates, it would be great to make a portal to attest our certificates online.

Basic religious studies / knowlege for kids

Being a 100% Muslim country and at some point in time we all will be parents. And will need to teach our kids the basic religious stuffs like how to do wudu (ablution) and how to pray / what to recite during pray.

If there can be an interactive app for the kids to learn these things, this could be very helpful / useful for both parents and the kids.

Add-ons could include some basic Dua’as and things like shahaadhai, kurusi or even some common surahs etc.

Buoy lease management application

When vessels are docked around Male’, they typically lease buoys that are marked and installed all around the island. Currently it is hard to see which ones are available, when another buoy would become available and correlating the buoy name with its location. A geo-locale tagging app could solve this problem showing what is the closest available buoy (or when a specific one would be up for renewal).

T-Jetty slot scheduling app

Slots for the T-Jetty are reserved – It would be helpful to see which ones are booked (for specific dates) and the ability to electronically reserve a spot.

Generic status app

An application where a service provider can define the life-cycle of a process and provide updates. For example, when submitting an application for a building permit, everyone is assigned a token. The token can be used to check the status of the application, which is manually updated by the service provider. This can be used across various offices and could be monetized by providing a paid tier that provides analytics/statistics for the services rendered.

Venue reservation calendar

We would love to have an application that facilitates the booking of venues for events. The City Council has several venues but if the system was open even for private venues, it would be easy for event planners to check the availability of these places online.

Each venue should have a minimum of one hall. Each hall can be booked for a price. The application should be calendar based so that it is convenient to see which venues are booked for specific dates. It would also be helpful if the venues were grouped by both location and capacity.

Once a venue is booked, it should show up as ‘reserved’ for the following hour. This will provide the event manager an e-mail regarding the reservation but the payment has to be made within the hour to seal the deal. The hour or ‘block-time’ should be configurable for each venue owner per their preference.

Male' City App

An application with geo-locale so that users can submit a ticket to the City Council for a specific location. The tickets would have categories such as (but not limited to):

-Street light broken/burned out

-Trash on the street

-Items/Inventory stored on the street

-Missing/damaged sewerage covers

-Issues with the junction/sewerage

If a complaint has already been submitted in that area for that issue, it should show up on the map and the user should be able to add a vote (+1) to the existing issue. This will assist the City Council in prioritizing their tasks.

Zakat Payment System

Well, it’s obvious someone would buy the end product if developed well as “we all know”.

– store information on people & companies paying any of the two types of zakat (fitr and wealth)
– Payees can register their personal account to check their payment history.
– providing abstract and detailed reporting based on payment trends and history by individuals and companies
– Regional segmentation of data from multiple zakat collection centres in the atolls.
– Regional outlet portal to register zakat payments with provision.
– Must provide API for integration and develop mobile apps.

I am looking for UI developer who can work with AngularJS for the client app. I can work on the server and contribute to client side as well. Any one interested to team-up with this idea, get in touch with me.

Take Education facilities to a new level in Maldives

An Open Source School System, that can help any School, Institute, Colledge or University to provide online student management and learning facilities.

Students can use the system to download study materials, submit assignments, check exam results, review yearly performance, etc.

Teachers can update student performance on assignments, exams, etc. Upload study materials or create new materials. Prepare lesson plans. Check class schedules. Update student records, etc.

School Departments can assign teachers tasks, projects, update teachers schedule, manage event calendar, etc.

This project can continue evolving with more features, enabling teachers and students to interact over chat and collaborate on group projects, etc.
Online School System


Any have guts to face the challenge of building a dhivehi/ thaana OCR.i think it something the NCIT should have tried by now.but i guess they lack the resources:).


Basically the idea is to create a startup which will methodically look for Ambergris (maavaharu) using Sonars, GPS and by measuring the current. Perhaps based on the past data an app can be made which will suggest places to search.

Video2home streaming to Android (Sponsored Idea)

Build an application that can take contents from the locally hosted video2home service and stream it to a mobile android device.

Suggested additional features

  • Registration and authentication functions
  • Should be able to search the database easily
  • Should have management favorites, watched, unwatched items etc.
  • Electronic program guide  (EPGs)
  • Request and comments
  • Trailers for Series
  • Apps contains only TVshows and Movies (Not Applications)
  • Popular ( Most popular contents)
  • Follow or subscribe to TVshows
  • Filters by genres
  • Recently added series and movies

This is a Sponsored Idea from ROL, Participants who are interested in development of such a project can talk to the ROL team at the event for additional information regarding any issues.

Intelligent Customer services app for mobile devices (Sponsored Idea)

Build and application to provide intelligent customer services to end users of an ISP. The application should ideally have the following features

  • Basic customer account management functionality
  • Balance of quotas
  • Checking of speed
  • Submitting of support tickets, view status
  • Push notification
  • Backend(customer services user) interface to respond and interact with customers.

This is a Sponsored Idea from ROL, Participants who are interested in development of such a project can talk to the ROL team at the event for additional information regarding any issues.

Low cost Queue system on RaspberryPi

Queue system hosted on a network attached RaspberryPi (mini computer) which can be controlled via a Web interface. User can have the system up and running with minimal configuration. Hardware requirement is to have an existing Ethernet network, display units, and a network printer (for printing queue tokens). The system will keep track of queue service speed based on dequeue frequency. Data collected in this way will be used to give customers an approximate time until their token is called.

Thaana text to speech

How about text to speech engine for Thaana.
Any one interested?

Vaccine Alert

An app to remind Maldivian parents to notify the vaccine schedule. This will ease the burden of flipping through the “big book” and also will help parents to be uptodate.
This app could also be useful for new parents as it might give tips on how to handle your child after vaccination..the Do’s and Dont
And also might help parents to keep up to date with child’s growth.

Maldives TV app

The app we can stream Maldives TV live.

Events App

Listing all the events in Maldives. Grouped into Islands/Atolls. Right now we only know about events when we get invited via facebook. But one app/website where we can see all the events happening grouped into categories like Political, Socal, Educational, etc.. with a way that these news websites can integrate or show the events using a rss/xml feed as well.

Integrate Wordpress with Thaana

It would be great if there was an easier way to use Thaana language in WordPress (wordpress.org), Joomla etc without being a html professional.

Who is looking for that office!

This awesome app will help the growing number of people not knowing the locations of government offices/departments; that keeps changing daily.

Use case: At any given time 50 or more people could be looking for President’s Office or Theemuge. Same task repeated 50 times. Imagine what these 50 guys can do if they all team up and start looking for President’s Office.
App can inform others when they find the location of the office.

Thank Yasiph for the ‘Where is that Office!’ idea.

Dhivehi Thesaurus

I would love to see a website or mobile app where we have to enter a Dhivehi word to get the synonyms of it.

NGO Database

List of NGO’s registered in Maldives along with their activities like events, year end reports or members.

Where is that Office!

There are government offices/departments which change locations and names daily! Public is unaware of where they need to go or contact. An app is needed to see where these places are so that we can minimize the efforts to find it.

Masveriyaa App

Perhaps an app which gives out the good fishing locations near you and which you can contribute to. Location, date, time, bait used, weather, and perhaps some fishing suggestion/rank etc. can be read from this.

Could be of great help when preparing/organizing fishing trips while informing others of their fishing experiences.

Public Complaints App

i would love to see an app or website where we can submit complaints of issues / incidents that happens at various public / government / hospitals /corporate institutions.

for example if i have an issue with the BML credit card while traveling, i could submit this issue happened to me in this country on this date, and others who face similar issues could submit the same.

the idea is to force institutions to acknowledge the issues and also provide the public with a transparent view of whats happening in these institutions .

if the app is built it could help identify areas which need most attention and needs improvement so that it is useful for institutions to improve themselves.

further the developer can arrange to have these issues sent to the relevant institutions via a summary sheet via email or something? so that their management is aware.

Dhivehi News Aggregator

Fetch news articles from various services, sort them automatically into groups and automatically sort news articles with the same subject together.

This can be easily done except for the automatic sorting which is to be done via comparison of article or the subject, which also is not that much of a difficulty….I think…

dhivehi educational applications for kids

Learning thaana alphabet and learning words with colorful pictures for 1-2 year Olds. Learning action words with pictures. Games like coloring words, making words using letters given.
Can also include a way to teach how thaana alphabets are written. When a specific letter is selected it will show how the letter is written.


A live status of the traffic in Male would be a nice idea. Could include suggesting an alternate and faster way to reach to the individual’s desired destination.

Trash Detector

An app where people can report trash on the street. And suggests the nearest bins.

College timetable

would be handy for colleges to have their timetables published online. if its a mobile app or even a website, users can subscribe to classes which they are registered and get important time table changes and extra class times or cancellations.

Estimated mobile bill

lots of apps to collect data usage and call usage. but no one wants to really count them out. can create an app that estimates the bill amount based on usage, package used and call rates. people will be more inclined to look at financial figures rather than technical ones.

A Neighborhood Watch Application

I see an idea here by someone name Afrah, about a sex offender registry it is the kind of service I would like to see in the application. he/she talks about legal issues, its in the act page 25, 57th clause its a responsibility of state agencies in this case police and courts.

Others services can include crime stats, wanted people, police breaking news, crime hot spots (Have seen this in police website sometime ago), blocked road and police website also got some handy e-services.

Also don’t limit the app for iDevices and android, make it a web application. 🙂

Haveeru Examiner

A web crawler which retrieves and caches every article published by Haveeru Online. Md5 hashes of the content may be kept to track changes from the original. Caches contain full text of the article which can be indexed for search. Publish on the web in a wiki format so 3rd parties can comment on/call into question the work of journos and maybe even authenticate and corroborate stories.

Hiley Bank

Imagine if what you want is just a click away. And the best part, it is absolutely free. Hiley bank app is an online database where people can upload what they wish to give for free. It can be electronics, clothes, furniture, food – both new and used alike. Not just things, but the bank can also list people willing to offer their skills like photography, writing, designing, tutoring etc at no cost for a good cause. A section also can be dedicated to requests for borrowing and items ready for lending. For ease, the items/skills in the bank can be categorised by locality. Hiley bank’s foundation will be based on generosity, reciprocity and trust. In the long term, the bank can be an effective tool in reducing waste and promoting sustainable living.

Online Payment Gateway

We Need to get into Online business (e-commerce) there are thousands of people who want to make extra money and well educated young people are jobless in our country. it can be possible if we developers start this Today for our country. Online Payment Gateway a service like Paypal, Skrill, Payza, Payoneer etc.. We can offer online jobs ,build a community ,online stores for localshop owners at one places etc my point is this benefits all of US right ? I know if this payment gateway is a success and have required security/insurance etc BML or MIB accept you to connect fund transfer service who knows to start pay to a (payment gateway company) and they will credit user accounts within users to users can transfer funds withdraw cash cheque from (Payment gateway company) Hope someday someone would start this

Is it available in any shop?

A searchable database with names of the products and services in a shop. Just you have to search the product and it will show the shop that is available with prices and expiration date. Due to lack of technology in most shops this is a complex idea. But if it gets done, it will be a real time and life saver. Just an Idea.

Gazette Watch

Allows you to enter keywords for http://www.gazette.gov.mv and sends an HTML e-mail for each new version, showing the titles of each match with links.

Micropayment Gateway

A Micropayment Gateway using SMS. I have couple of approaches to this. If you are interested shoot me an email. I would love to bounce some ideas and make this a reality.

Tuition Teacher

Home tuition teacher finder. A web app where parents can find approved tuition teachers for their kids. USP can be for parents its safe since the teachers are rated and approved quality ones. For teachers it can be that the payments are made through the web app so that they have the guarantee that they will get paid (for this to succeed a pre-payment model can be used).

Name my Baby

A Baby name finder web app. It can have pre-approved names from ministry so parents don't have to run around to find and get names approved for the newborn. Since the life time of the customer won't be very high and the nature of this, a web app would be the best.

Can you fix?

A web/mobile app to find contractors to do small stuff in your house. Like fix plumbing, service A/C. USP can be that the service providers here are verified and are of good quality. So you won't have to worry about some partey coming to fix your plumbing and casing your house.

Maldives database

We can try build a database of all the Maldivians based on a facial recognition system. I can try get the data needed if someone can come up with a neat proposal.

Real-time location of Hulhumale' Ferries

Small project which can be useful to passengers and people who come to the ferry terminal to pick up people.

1) Install s GPS device on each ferry
2) Location of the ferry can be plotted on a map which can be view by people (on screens at the ferry terminal, on website and on mobile apps).
3) Display times of departure of ferries which are at the terminals.
4) Display estimated times of arrival of ferries which are travelling.
5) Display a video of ferry terminal – to see if it’s crowded or not.

1) Taxi drivers will know when to come to the terminal to pickup potential passengers.
2) People who have to go to the terminal to pickup/receive people will also know exactly when they have to go to the terminal.

Checking retirement savings (pension)

Every working individual in Maldives who is registered with the pension scheme can check their pension savings by logging into their account on the Pension Office website (http://www.pension.gov.mv/members/)

Just develop a simple app which allows uses to login and view their balances, see if their employers have deposited their pension money to Pension Office. Simple.

Apartment seeker

Since everyone is on the move busy on work..its hard to get really involve seeking vacant apartments/shops/offices …
I think an app such like this would bring some relief to pple who are on need..spclly locals n foreigners who looks for residential apartments in male’/hulhumale’/villimale’ area.

Tsunami warning app

* Push notifications upon localised seismic activity
* Local authorities issue notifications to particular regions of the Maldives
* App contains evacuation & emergency preparation information


An app designed to stream local tv channels from our mobile phones without the hustle to visit a whole website like stream.mv

Preferably free of charge within the Maldives, even if it carries a small fee while using abroad.

Or may be just try convincing medianet or other cable providers to design a compact mobile version of lets say, sports channels? I for one would even pay for such a service (On a more serious note: i would only pay to watch cartoon channels). Lets say you give the app users a choice of their preferred channels and the cable tv provider could decide how much individual channels cost, depending on their existing packages may be? (just a thought)

Ever since i got news about the hackathon i’ve been waiting for such an opportunity to share this. I would love to hear back from you guys. Even if it’s informal, do let me know if this idea is feasible or if anyone of you guys attempt to make such an app.

Oh, one more thing.. Do we get any credit for sharing the idea with you guys?


This app could be used to login to BML internet banking and use features like transfer within accounts, check balance, card information, ATM locations, branch locations, previous transactions etc.


This app could be used to login to dhiraagu account and check various information like current usage, remaining balance, service informations, billing date. It should have payment option to pay bills and option to view previous bills paid or overdue. Further it can have option to message customer service and report issues directly.

Local business search for specific items/service

Look for service providers. If one wants to see where a particular thing is available or where a particular service is available, just type in the service or product name and it should list all shop names and locations.

Doctors duty roster

Doctors duty roster…at all clinics..without having to call all clinics. Just type the doctors name, and it can give which clinic the doc consults at. Clinics can update thr data themselves. One looking for a skin doc can just type in to see in which clinics a doc is available.


1 common application to check the status of all service tokens.. eg: Banks, Hospitals, ID card Unit, immigration , MIRA
Anonymous –


Exercise app that has its own community of people who wants to keep in touch with like minded people. Have targets, challenges etc

Weight Watchers Maldives

Inspire others through weight loss stories
share diets and workouts.

Parliament Watch

Daily news feed about Parliament members.
There attendance to be known to the public on a regular basis.
Any corruption regarding parliamentarians to be published
Parliament members can register to the app and let the public know what they are doing for there constituency / Nation.

an interactive application to give confidential counselling

As you know there is hardly any service to provide sexual health information to young people. our idea is to use mobile technology to ask questions from health experts confidentially. It may have FAQs and also option to ask questions. This idea is open to explore.

Maldives Sex Offender Registry

An app that lets you look up information of sex offenders. Pedophiles, child molesters, rapists and possibly perverts as well.
My main idea was that we crowd source and data mine of off news websites to gather names of sex offenders, pictures and other details including information like if they were convicted for how long and where they are serving their sentence and for what offense. After cross referencing it with MPS databases the information can be released to the public.
There might be some legal concerns regarding privacy and stuff like that developers will need to look into if they undertake making an app for this, But all in all would be a great app since we know how our community is like.
You could have a different app or even include a section where you could have pictures of “partey”s so the app becomes sort of a neighborhood watch kinda app. Should keep it as anonymous as possible to avoid any sort of backlash to be honest.

Idhaaree hingun harudhanaa kurun

island council thakunnaa male ministry thakun hadhaa birth cetificate gothi gedhoruge rajistry fadha thakethi hurihaa rashakuna eggothakah eh fometegga hedheyne gothakah programeh beynun vaakamah feney.adhi mifadha liun thah eh ofeehun aneh ofeehah balaaleveynama hidhumai avasvefa varah haradhuves kudavaane.mifadha idea eh huri kujjaku mikamaa ulhelan fenna vaahak dhenneveen.


A doctor asks all sorts of questions digging out everything.
An app for parents to update how often the babies or toddlers get sick. This can help when taking kids to doctors.
similarly when there are contagious diseases like chicken pox,flu,etc you can even update to let others know that someone u know is having such disease
This information create trending diseases where the parents and the community can be alerted to take precautions. Perhaps this might help the concerned people to reach the people in need. At least parents know what to do with the intelligent info.
Remember the old community workers?- They go to house by house to check whether anyone is infected and create reports.

Ask the Doctor

It will be very useful to have an application where people can post questions about health related matters which can be answered by qualified Doctors ( with a verified user ID ( assigned by the developer )

Each Doctor can be given a user ID to access the application and they can answer the questions asked by the people. And the answers can be rated by the users as helpful or not…

And also Doctors can post Daily Health Tips – ( Like Twitter updates )

This can be a very useful app contributing to a healthy community

Bus Service - Live Tracking

Lot of time we have to wait at the bus station not knowing whether the bus has already left from the station or is yet to arrive.
Having an app which shows the live position or tracking of the bus will solve this problem for lot of people. specially those living in hulhumale’ and male’

Get Shopping Done

A subscription based ecommerce app where you get goods delivered to you on a schedule. It could be useful for things like, get fish from the market delivered to you every 3 days or Get diapers delivered to you every month. Basically anything that you always have to buy. Customer make a automatic subscription payment every month.

Hello Doc

An app to get doctors appointments from any clinic/hospital. Also the accompanying back-end for clinics/hospitals & perhaps with Aasanda integration as well. For MVP could be the iphone or android app and a very simple back-end

Pls Remind me

Motor bike servicing and parts replacement and fees payment reminder app. This app can have a lot of other reminders aswell. Like ID card, Bank cards and other things that gets expired.

i got home safe

would like to suggest an app where the user can setup their phones so when they are going out for example late at night in a taxi they can write a quick message (taxi number, quick message, maybe a picture of taxi) and it will be shared with trusted contacts like parents or spouse, where they can monitor the users gps cordinates and after their trip their trusted contacts will get update that user arrived safely once the user updates from the app. maybe sms can be intergrated or historical data can be stored for worse case scenarios to share with law enforcement agencies.

Can possibly be extended for parents to monitor their children when they go out, in parent mode where the parent can check up on where the child is at all times.

Mobile Local TV guide!

Would like to see an app for local tv channels where i can look at the schedule and i can set reminders and alerts for my favourite shows, also maybe i can also read about it like a brief description and share it with my friends on facebook or twitter.

How to in Maldives app.

i think it would be very useful is someone could build an app that can use crowd-sourced information on how to do things in maldives. for example, how to apply for a subsidy or how to apply for  a loan from the bank, how to open a company. how to renew passport, etc maybe the app can allow submissions by app users and have a voting system where tutorials with good votes get voted up. and of course should have a easy to use interface and search.

Power-Outage Notifier

STELCO often has to cut power from some of the substations for maintenance purposes. Residents of these power outage area needs to be informed prior to the disconnection and #STELCO currently informs them using TV, radio and by distributing notice to these areas. However, this is very expensive and a lot of time is spent on distributing these notices. Fortunately, we now have the opportunity to make an application which can show power outage areas through google map and this application/service can be developed with the feature of sending notifications to the residents through internet or by SMS.

Group buyer

Group buying app to get good discounts on consumer goods. The app will feature upcoming group buys and people can pay online and book the product. The delivery can be done once a deal is on, so merchant can actually give the proposed discount. This is just like groupon.

Maldives Transport Guide

An app/service to guide users about the transportation routes. Eg: If a user in Hulhumale wants to go to Maafushi. App should suggest the user about the ferries to take, stops, transits and duration & cost with breakdowns.